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The "Hawaiian Isle" panel by Swimcraft, Inc. is handcrafted from long-lasting Acrylic DR and reinforced with hand laid fiberglass.  The Hawaiian Isle pool wall is designed to meet the requirements of commercial pool recommendations.  The 46" pool wall allows for the commercially required minimum of 36" of water, and along with the built in hand hold meets the requirements for commercial pools, in most states.  The Hawaiian Isle pool wall is used in many city parks, hotels, campgrounds, country clubs and water parks.


Pool Constructed by Doug's Pool and Spa Springfield, MO

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  Hawaiian Isle

1.    Reinforced Concrete Deck

2.    Built in Coping and Handrail

3.    Concrete Deck Bond Beam

4.    46" Acrylic DR Fiberglass Reinforced Wall

5.    Reinforcing Bar (Top and Bottom)

6.    Simulated Tile

7.    3/4" Clean Crushed  Stone

8.    10" to 12" Concrete

9.    Reinforced Concrete (Min of 6")

10.    Safety Ledge

11.    Concrete Floor